Social security

Social security

If you ever have a dispute with the National Social Security Office (NSSO), it’s very important to be well-prepared. The stakes are usually very high, since the NSSO is allowed to not only claim the actual social security contributions which were not paid, but also contribution mark-ups and interests. On top of that, the NSSO can go back at least three years.

Undeclared work, using bogus self-employed persons, giving your employees (flat-rate) expense allowances, employing part-time employees without publicly disclosing their work schedule, taking advantage of social security contribution reductions for the first (second, third,…) employee,… These are just a few examples of recurring discussions with the NSSO.

Next to disputes with the NSSO, we also advise and defend you in disputes against social security funds for self-employed persons.

For disputes in other branches of social security, such as medical insurance, unemployment, pensions,… you can also count on us.


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