Occupational accidents

Occupational accidents

There are approximately 170.000 occupational accidents every year in Belgium, and one deadly occupational accident every two days.

Did one of your employees have a serious occupational accident? Even with insurance, you can be held civil or criminally liable as an employer: heavy fines, large claims and even prison sentences… We represent your interests as soon as the accident takes place: during the police inquiry, when drawing up the mandatory detailed report, when dealing with the inspection services and – if necessary – during a criminal or administrative procedure.

Did you yourself suffer an occupational accident? Then it’s important to know that you receive the correct fees. We advise you during discussions with the insurance company or the Fund for Occupational Accidents (“Fedris”), whether there is a discussion concerning the acceptance of your accident or determining the permanent or temporary medical consequences and the corresponding fees.

We conduct the necessary proceedings in court, and offer you our expertise through the settlement of your claim in civil law against a liable third party.

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