Labour organisation

Labour organisation

Anyone who employs people, has to follow the rules.

You have to respect the mandatory labour hours, the rest periods, the days on which employees cannot work (Sundays, holidays, vacation days). You have to look out for the well-being of your employees. Is there any bullying? Does everybody respect the ban on alcohol? Do your employees work in a safe environment? Can you use temporary workers or do you want to outsource certain activities? On top of all this, you also need an up-to-date internal labour regulation, preferably one that contains more than just the bare minimum.

The rules concerning labour organisation are numerous, and they differ based on the sector in which you reside, on if you employ women and/or youthful employees, etc.

We help you to design a working time scheme tailored to your business. We guide you when you want to call upon temporary workers. We assist you in drawing up a tailor-made internal labour regulation for your organisation.

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