Every day, we handle dismissal cases. Which notice needs to be given, what severance package needs to be paid? Were the formalities of the dismissal respected? What about outplacement? How can one determine whether there are grounds for dismissal for cause, and what are the time limits that need to be taken into account? Can an employer unilaterally change the employment conditions, and what are the consequences if he does?

Terminating a labour agreement correctly has become more difficult, due to the unification of the notices for blue- and white-collar employees. Respecting all the rules concerning outplacement and the principle of non-discrimination has become increasingly difficult.

We answer all your questions and advise you in order to prevent problems and discussions. We negotiate with full knowledge of the current rules and regulations, in order to optimise your results. Should your case lead to a legal dispute, we can assess your chances in court based on our many years of experience in the field. We assist you during the proceedings in court and will prepare a correct defence by coordinating closely with you.

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